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what are you gonna do today Napoleon? [entries|friends|calendar]
Leslie Nipple

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April 4th 12:34pm]

Red light x green light

just to get it out there [Sunday
April 4th 12:31pm]
i have a deep deep disliking for this "holiday". i wish it was just another sunday and that i could stay home and work on my lab report instead of seeing aunts and uncles that will remind me of my weight gain, because i don't have mirrors at home or anything and am totally unaware of my body, and all of the younger cousins will speak nothing but english and my grandma will feel awkward and wonder how the hell any of them came to be and where this came from and where she came from and why she is here and then i will feel awkward in the understanding of her mindthoughts. and i just wish you, mother, had the patience for half an hour instead of me saying You give me anxiety, please stop telling me to hurry up i am going as fast as i can and you saying Well what do you think you give me and i say I'm not talking about you and you say I'm talking about me and I am naked in my bed crying praying that i'll be reborn and things will be different that time and i'll be allowed to speak and be respected. i don't remember ever liking easter but i'm sure there was a time where i enjoyed looking for sugar-filled eggs that made my brain slower and and my spasms spark. hyper/happy. and then there was that easter 1998 that made me hate it. i mean HATE it. and i remember every detail of that morning down to what i was wearing, what time it was, what was said, the feeling of MUST LEAVE NOW AND TAKE BABY WITH ME, and the drenched pillow and the sleep. and ever since every time this damn day comes around I can't help but be reminded about everything that went so horribly wrong. it's like the anniversary of the beginning of the end of my childhood and who wants to celebrate that? not me. i'd rather stay home and label cranial nerves. fuck it all.
Red light

my juice [Friday
February 26th 8:11am]

* M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy: Latina/Latino Family Studies Specialization (Comadre-Compadre Cohort)
o Offered in Pasadena.
o Classes meet six weekends per semester (Friday through Sunday)
o An intensive three-year program consisting of 56 semester units.
o A “cohort” model in which all students progress through the program together at the same pace—creating a growing trust, intimacy and bonding among students within the specialization.
o The only master’s program of its kind in California, equipping graduates with broad preparation in Marital and Family Therapy as well as a special educational emphasis on the diverse mental health needs of Latina/Latino children and families.
o Open to all students who are passionate about serving Latina/o families and studying MFT theories in context with the issues that impact the Latina/o population, such as: immigration, acculturation, trauma, culture, history, liberation psychology, and advocacy.
o Faculty consists of diverse professionals who represent varied mental health disciplines and extensive academic and community-based experience.
o The educational experience of the Comadre-Compadre Cohort model is an intensely dynamic, intellectually relevant process. Faculty and students comprise a community that uniquely challenges both the personal and professional development of all its participants.

Red light x green light

highlight [Thursday
February 11th 1:17pm]
but dont you just want to curl up and watch tv??

thats always just what i want to do

i wish i was gilberts mom

hahaha me toooo but i can't

life would be simple



you know, like, whats eating?

oh hahahahahahahaa

its true. sometimes i think that that would be the life

minus the not being able to breathe right part
Red light

pinch me [Monday
February 8th 12:51am]
he's an angel
warm hearth
unbelievably warm
like nothing, NOTHING else
this is him/it/me/us/love to the infinite power
oh lord
please let me never wake up
Red light

January 27th 5:22pm]
"remember, mija, father knows best"

i told him i was gonna write it down so i can look at it and laugh later and he said he hopes that's the case.
Red light

December 29th 12:29am]
i have dreams of how beautiful it would be to have a bag full of every size nail for every size frame and every depth wall
Red light

December 29th 12:26am]
1] name? Leslie

2] What three things are you wearing right now? A headband, Alex’s oversized sweater pajama, new boots

3] Are you in a Relationship? Yes

4] Have you ever been given a rose? dumb

5] Have you ever licked a photo ? Likely

6] Have you ever been in love? current

7] Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate? A few

8] What's your current problem? Finding a way to make this school/work break longer…

9] Have you ever had your heart broken? I’m twenty-two and a female

11] Do you have a crush? My man

12] How many kids do you want? whateverz

13] What is your favorite color? purps

14] How many stems do you have? 38,284,702

15] Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them? meh

18] What song do you want played at your wedding? Wigwam

19] Do you like anyone? No, not anyone at all.

20] Do you think the person you like, likes you back? Sometimes

22] Do you want to get married? I thought you’d never ask, survey

23] Are you a shy person? Shy like pie in the sky

24] Did you have a good day today? ha

25] Favorite Shopping spots? Big lots yes

26) What are you thinking about? Mp4s
Red light

December 28th 8:11pm]
i thought.
glowglowing globe shining sphere
who are you following tonight?

and that i want to live and laugh and cry and die

but that i should probably just clean my room

and get on with it
Red light

December 2nd 1:21pm]
Dear Past/Present/Future Lovers of my Female Soulmates,

They are goddesses. And you should treat them as such. And if you don't or didn't, that is your own sad sad bereavement.

Specifically, to one present "lover" (if one can even call you that), STOP hurting her. You don't deserve her. And YOU have bad breath, it smells like stinky ignorance and the rotting depletion of the most sacred form of intimacy.

Red light

Ode to my 2nd grade classroom [Monday
November 30th 8:25pm]
I miss you.
You smelled like syrup.
Aunt Jemima ain't got nothin on you and
Why was it?
Why only you?
I love you.
Red light

November 29th 3:01am]
intensity like
wilderness unfounded like
it is impossible and i
need time to remember
need the time to throw it up and
perhaps i will think
to let it escape like
it never existed and
it never existed
a test blink a test
a vicious test vicious
the world where
i remember
i think that i can cope and i think
that it was okay
that it was gone away
pretentious pretenses
learn pretendings
permanence and perhaps
it was a 48th hour
we never had that
we thought we shot at
we had a shot at
i had a shot and
a haze outlined by truth but
we examined that it wasn't so
and you examined i did not know but
i knew, saw; saw
theatrics like i was blind
didn't mind, wasn't kind
smack smack and a knot
massive and holy and slap
a nap maybe if
i wake i will wake
and the blue
the blue was of another, elsewhere
the blue belonged under the rope
the blue was under the skin instead
i have these malicious evile enigmatic
that of a creature without a waterfall of
sick season
between this and that i Am
between she you me them
to believe and Trust
it takes much more
than words, simple
hits, slides, molds
and a day to pass just
a day convenes Trust
two to recall
what was lost
what i blended and lost
what i bent and broke
the minute i spoke
disease and choke
grenade of gratitude
forgive the fatality
and please.
Red light

three weeks ago [Sunday
October 18th 11:23pm]
"i just tried to kill la black widow, the second in a week, that was dwelling in a crevice between the fence and my back door. she fled. i killed her egg basket. she's after me now.

and then after, i read about her, and she's not so bad

real respectable actually

and then I listened to a Cri-Cri song I used to listen to when I was little called "Che Arana" and now I'm wondering where she is and if she's in mourning."

i let her live.
Red light

September 26th 11:36am]
i just tried to kill la black widow, the second in a week, that was dwelling in a crevice between the fence and my back door. she fled. i killed her egg basket. she's after me now.

and then after, i read about her, and she's not so bad

real respectable actually

and then I listened to a Cri-Cri song I used to listen to when I was little called "Che Arana" and now I'm wondering where she is and if she's in mourning
Red light

September 13th 12:43pm]
I've always wanted for you what you've wanted for yourself
and yet I wanted to save us high water or hell
and I kept on ignoring the ambivalence you felt
and in the meantime I lost myself
in the meantime I lost myself
I'm sorry I lost myself
I am.
Red light

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